Southern Province History

Past Province Polemarchs



The Southeastern Province of Kappa Alpha Psi® Fraternity, Inc. was created by the last Grand Chapter at which the late illustrious J. Ernest Wilkins, Sr., presided. As a result of extensive study, the Grand Board of Directors, meeting in Kansas City, MO, in 1950, recommended that the Southern Province, then the most extensive province in Kappadom, comprising, as it did, the states of South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Florida, be partitioned. At the same session of the Grand Chapter in Kansas City, a proposal to partition the Southwestern Province was defeated. After much debate and compromise was made whereby the Southwestern Province remained intact, comprising the states of Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

The new elected Grand Polemarch, Frank M. Summers, proceeded immediately to effect the reorganization of the states, following the directive of the Grand Chapter. Upon the recommendation of Province Polemarch W. Dickerson Donnelly, the Grand Polemarch asked the Keeper of Records and Exchequer of the Southeastern Province, Toussaint L. Hale, to assume

Past Province Polemarchs

Touissaint L. Hale

First Province Polemarch


Birmingham(AL) Alumni

Dr. Oliver S. Gumbs

Dr. Oliver S. Gumbs

Second Province Polemarch


Mobile (AL) Alumni

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Cauley O. Lott

Third Province Polemarch


Orlando (FL) Alumni

Dr. Ullysses McBride

Dr. Ullysses McBride

Fourth Province Polemarch


Atmore (AL) Alumni

Robert T. Hughes

Robert T. Hughes

Fifth Province Polemarch


Huntsville (AL) Alumni

Thomas L. Battles, Jr.

Thomas L. Battles, Jr.

Sixth Province Polemarch


Miami (FL) Alumni

Dr. Frank S. Emanuel

Dr. Frank S. Emanuel

Seventh Province Polemarch


Jacksonville (FL) Alumni

Ronald E. Range

Ronald E. Range

Eighth Province Polemarch


Northport (AL) Alumni

Linnes Finney, Jr., Esq.

Linnes Finney, Jr.,Esq.

Ninth Province Polemarch


Ft. Pierce (FL) Alumni

Bertram K. Orum

Bertram K. Orum

Tenth Province Polemarch


Birmingham (AL) Alumni

Thomas L. Battles, Jr.

Chauncey E. Haynes

Eleventh Province Polemarch


Tallahassee (FL) Alumni