The Brothers of the 83rd Konklave Host Chapters would like to invite all brothers to the konklave host city of Orlando on Sunday, July 16th through Sunday, July 23rd to celebrate the 83rd Grand Chapter Meeting. Check out the Orlando (FL) Alumni Chapter and Winter Park (FL) Alumni Chapter flyers CLICK HERE or for a  [ Read More ]

Brothers of the Southern Province Greetings Brothers, The 83rd Grand Chapter Meeting of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. will be convening in Orlando, July 18-22, 2017. Please be reminded that regular Grand Chapter Registration ends Wednesday, May 31, 2017; Undergraduate $275, Alumni $475 and Senior $425. Registration will be suspended for the period June 1-  [ Read More ]

The purpose of the K100 is to bring together business executives within Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity to develop a professional network amongst senior business leaders, mentor young executives and members, and to support key undergraduate and community programs for our fraternity. Mission Statement To effectively manage and develop strategic relationships through our international office with  [ Read More ]