Jason M. Jones, ESQ.

The Southern Province Board of Directors has elected  Jason M. Jones, Esq., as Senior  Province Vice Polemarch. Jason M. Jones has been a member of the Southern  Province Board of Directors since 2014. He received his Bachelor of Science degree  from Alabama A&M University in Mathematics and Physics while minoring in Political  Science. He also earned a Master of Science in Business Administration from Texas A&M University-Texarkana, and a Juris Doctorate from The Birmingham, School of  Law.
He is a Life Member of the Fraternity. Jones has  served as the Southern Province C. Rodger Wilson Leadership Conference Chairman, Southern  Province Membership Orientation/Intake Program Member, and as a member of the Southern Province Time & Place Committee. He is a Life Member of the Southern Province and is currently a  member of the Huntsville (AL) Alumni Chapter.