The purpose of the K100 is to bring together business executives within Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity to develop a professional network amongst senior business leaders, mentor young executives and members, and to support key undergraduate and community programs for our fraternity.

Mission Statement

To effectively manage and develop strategic relationships through our international office with corporate partners and friends. Through these strategic relationships, it is our pledge to promote, support and help execute the national programs and strategic direction of the Grand Chapter for the good of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. as “One Kappa”.


To utilize the top Senior Executives and entrepreneurs in our organization to develop key relationships with Corporate America and the business community to advance entrepreneurship and economic empowerment in our communities; and through these relationships we will gain the necessary support for key national service programs of the Fraternity.

Key Objectives

  1. Create job opportunities and internships for our undergraduate Kappa Fellows and Achievement Academy Students.
  2. Establish and leverage business connections of our MBE business members within our organization to create a positive economic impact (within our communities).
  3. Recognize and highlight the business achievements of our top senior executives and entrepreneurs as role models to help develop future business and community leaders from the ranks of Kappa men.
  4. Utilize the expertise of K100 Executive Leadership Organization members to enrich the lives of all Kappa’s through sharing their experiences, success and strategies via speaking engagements and workshops.
  5. Create an ongoing power network of senior executives and entrepreneurs for the benefit of the fraternity, members and community at large.

Participation Requirements

Membership requirement in the K100 Executive Leadership Organization include the following commitments:
• $3,000 per year from your company or business, paid to our Kappa Foundation for the K100 Executive Leadership Organization
• One job opportunity for a Kappa Fellow or Achievement Academy Student One internship for a Kappa Fellow or Achievement Academy Student One business introduction for a Kappa MBE business

Anticipated Results

$300,000 plus annually to support the following programs:
• Undergraduate Leadership Institute
•Habitat for Humanity Program
•CARE/GLAD Financial Literary Program for undergraduates
•Kappa Kamp
•Achievement Academy
•Economic Business Summit Conference
•100 jobs per year for our undergraduate seniors coming out of college who are Kappa Fellows or Achievement Academy Students
•100 Internships per year for our Kappa Fellows or Achievement Academy Students
•100 business opportunities for members who have qualified MBE businesses and are prepared for success.


•Recognition at a reception / program at each biennial Grand Chapter Meeting.
•Membership recognition on a K 100 plaque at International Headquarters
•Featured Journal article on the K100 Executive Leadership Organization
•Your company included as an Alliance Partner for all Fraternity programs
•Speaking opportunities with various Kappa groups both regionally and nationally

Contact Information

For further information regarding the K100 service organization please contact the Executive Director, Keith Hunt, at International Headquarters, Philadelphia, PA at (215) 228-7184, ext. 20, Email: khunt@kappaalphapsi1911.com